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Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 07:36:37 EDT

Thanks Ned, and Lisa

In fact, Ned described the assignment from UNIT 2 (more or less). UNIT 1
is the (in)famous SSSS assignment: (analog tape) record a paragraph of
speech, edit out all of the SSSS sounds; with a microphone, record
sounds, transform them (analog concrete techniques), edit them, dump them
to ADAT, mix. Include appropriate documentation. (5 weeks)

UNIT 2 is more or less the same, but in the digital domain, with Sound
Edit 16. One small change is that a sentence of speech is to be recorded,
transcribed into the IPA, then each phoneme is to be cut out, processed,
and the sentence reassembled. The 'concrete' portion of the assignment is
based around sounds taken live, or from the Sound Ideas CD library. (4 weeks)

The function of these assignments is to introduce the process of:

             source ->> transformation ->> output

The transformation includes manipulation, processing, editing,
_selection_, ordering and mixing.

The use of the voice as the first sound source is to provide a bridge
between each individual's very personal experience with sounds in this
process, and the use of these 'distorting' technologies.

Working from this paradigm, all else follows: the student is not isolated
from the 'mother-sound' -- their voice. They provide as much (or as
little) transformation as desired, all mediated by the amount of
modification that their own intuition will allow.

Some people want the text (and notes they sing) to remain clear and
coherent, others wish to 'blow it all apart'. There is no a priori
aesthetic limitation, or 'cultural' bias bridge to be crossed. This
method also allows each individual the possibility of claiming the width
(or height) of their sonic network, while learning how to control the
tools available to them.

There are six UNITs in the first year course, and UNIT 5 (sorry Ned) is
in fact an introduction to MIDI with sampler, Proteus II, and Roland
Soundcube (for the drums).



Spring is normal this year: highs of 10, lows just below freezing, but
N-W winds remain with a touch of edge through the jacket.

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