Re: Assignment 5C?

Subject: Re: Assignment 5C?
From: Cameron Harding (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 00:10:41 EDT

Steven Naylor wrote:

> Cameron Harding <> wrote:
> >man, i don't know what is so hard to understand about
> >
> >"ANY QUESTIONS you have, post them on cec!"
> >
> >that is exactly what kevin said in class, and he said it more than once.
> >he didn't say "post it to eamt.???" he didn't say, "post it to cec only if
> >it is a general question" he said
> >"ANY QUESTIONS you have, post them to cec."
> Wow! I sure hope my students take a little more responsibility for
> understanding instructions than this one does. Otherwise my directions
> like 'dig around in the library' or 'just dump your DAT into the computer'
> could cause a lot of damage....
> S

this is getting ridiculous...

all i wanted was a simple answer to a simple question, but instead everyone
decided to be a smart ass. ha ha ha...

i feel like i'm back in junior high and everyone is making fun of just "for

i am truly sorry for asking about the assignment on the list, thanks for all
the help, and thanks for making me feel welcome on the list.

(if the sarcasm gets severe enough, will it eventually come full circle and
we'll all suddenly be friendly and helpful to one another? i guess we can only
hope --- oops sorry. another question not adequately equipped to perform on the
"CEC" platform.)


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