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Subject: Re: the C.E.A.... is watching you
From: matt kober (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 17:39:49 EDT

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Listen Mr. Im a
> Techno producer as
> well. And if thats the attidude you want to take the
> ea community wont be
> as nice as your hoping. Remember we are small and
> word gets around of who
> is what were and how.

So what is this, the mob? The Central Electroacoustics Intelligence
agency? I had no Idea that such venom could be found in this artistic
Look, what happened here is that my classmate, Cam, was making use of
what has been espoused as a learning tool in our electroaccoustic
course all year; the discussion list. The original Mcluhan `classroom
without walls`. There is the cec list that we are encouraged to join,
and there is the class list: EAMT. We use this one to communicate
problems in the studio, questions about assignments, etc. Cam
accidentally posted his query about one of our assignments to the cec
list. It could have ended with Mr. Bouhalassa`s initial response,
which was apt, understanding and humourous. But then y`all had to jump
all over it with snide jokes and typos abound, and I felt I had to
speak up. I`m not a jungle head, rather I love all forms of music,
from Ravel to Squarepusher, from Hildegard de Bingen to Hildegard
Westerkamp. What I don`t love is exclusionary attitudes. Most of us
in the first year class at concordia hadn`t even heard the term
Electroaccoustics before we began, and now through the learned
guidance of profs. Kevin Austin and Ian Chuprun, we have been exposed
to the vast collection of knowledge, art and methodology that comprise
the world of Ea. Some of us will continue on to other classes and some
will continue to compose well after the classes have ended. At
concordia, we are struggling through overcrowded studios and crumbling
equipment, yet our enthusiasm for the sonic arts remains undaunted.
So, like it or not, we ARE the future, in the purest sense.


matt `mr. I`m a Techno Producer as well` Kober

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