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Subject: Re: Ned
From: Dr. Jonty Harrison (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 14:26:57 EDT

Hear, hear! A blueprint for what all this business is really about (...with
a slight reservation about pieces being 'about oneself'; though ultimately,
in some sense, they usually are, I'd like to think that isn't our starting
point). Wonderful, Ned - it made my day!

>All the distraction caused by 5C was well worth it to me for Ned's initial
>response - which I have printed out in large letters as a reminder!
>Thanks Ned (and Cam!)
>>Objective: Grow.
>>Process: Using only a microphone, computer and sound-editor, write a
>>beautiful, passionate piece about yourself. Not too long and not too loud.
>>Documentation: Write program notes that a ten-year old can understand.

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