Re: the culperates

Subject: Re: the culperates
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 12:40:31 EDT

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, matt kober wrote:

> --- paul steenhuisen <> wrote:
> > dear all,
> > i believe those involved have made their differing
> > stances clear by now,
> > non?
> > some are feeling attacked, some are attacking.
> > realistically, a vague question about a class
> > assignment was misguidedly
> > sent to the list,
> > but by now the ongoing banter does nothing but put
> > more junk in our inboxes.
> > can we proceed elsewhere now please?
> > thanks,
> > paul
> >
> Dear Pall,
> I was merely standing by my classmate as I saw that he was being
> dumped on by the snickering likes of mr.Wiernak and mr. Naylor. At
> least Mr. Bouhalassa has the benefit of a sense of humour! Please
> remember that such snobbery isn`t a way to attract more people into the
> realm of ea. Why, us kids are likely to just revert back to the old
> Drum `n Bass (where the real money is). Don`t push us around, dig? We
> are your future.

Well your talking of snobbery but saying your the future is sort of a big
headed Jungleheads way of talking!!! Listen Mr. Im a Techno producer as
well. And if thats the attidude you want to take the ea community wont be
as nice as your hoping. Remember we are small and word gets around of who
is what were and how. Your attitude as repercussions on your futur as who
is easy to work with and who is hard. Sort of like people throwinf the
parties I was not gwetting booked for a while as a result of me not
showing up to a few bookings at parties. It took some time to rectify
that as will a bad attutitude in the ea community will have similar

> OK, Now I`ve made my stance clear. Speaking of junk... exactly how
> many hundreds of apologetic e-mail requests have gummed up MY e-mail in
> the last year? I wonder.

Right but they are relivant to who is or on the list...a question about an
assignemt should be sent to the prof directly.


> bets
> matt
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