soundfile formats

Subject: soundfile formats
From: Mr A. J. Moore (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 11:08:09 EDT

difficult question follows....

would it be possible to ask about the current status of various
programs with regard to their ability to open and export multiple
file formats.

so far - the only program on my desktop that will opensd2 interleaved
stereo and split mono, export aiff and interleaved stereo from split
mono is Metasynth and SoundDesigner...oh peakLE probably does this too
but since I have SDII, that is my prefered editor. Soundhack exports
split monos but unless I am mistaken, does not yet check for .L.R
or (L)(R) suffixes (are they the two most common ?)

for a number of other programs I am having to duplicate files or perform
the same process twice on split monofiles...

Do other composers have this problem....?

Adrian Moore

electroacoustic CuSee me reflector installed at Sheffield uni in the
next few this space.

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