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Subject: Works for oz [fwd]
Date: Mon Apr 12 1999 - 08:20:49 EDT

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From: IN%"kbsmith@TARTARUS.UWA.EDU.AU" "Kylie Smith" 12-APR-1999 07:00
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Subj: WA electronic ensemble

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 18:48:46 +0800
From: Kylie Smith <kbsmith@TARTARUS.UWA.EDU.AU>
Subject: WA electronic ensemble

I am searching for some electronic pieces to be performed by the WAIM
contemporary music ensemble during 1999. We have the following

Yamaha WX7 and WX11 wind controllers
Yamaha MIBURI MIDI-triggering jump suit
Infusion systems: I-cube Analog to Digital conversion: various instruments
including the 'joy-stick cello
STEIM: BigEye Pitch to MIDI conversion (Wildcat Canyou: AutoScore)
Standard electronic studio setup - computers synthesizers, samplers and
assorted software, principally Yamaha and Ensoniq.
Software: IRCAM/Opcode MAX Interactive programming and signal processing
software, Wildcat Canyon AutoScore Pitch to MIDI conversion.

We are currently applying for more funding for the electronic studio, so
if there are other digital instruments required that are part of the
standard electronic studio then it would be great to hear about them.

If you could please let me know of any works for digital ensemble with the
above instrumentation, or if you could alternatively offer some
information about composers or relevant organisations, I would be most

I am contactable by e-mail:

Thanks for your time and co-operation,

Kylie Smith (honours student in musicology)

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