Re: Assignment 5C?

Subject: Re: Assignment 5C?
From: Emmanuel Madan (pear@CAM.ORG)
Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 17:12:17 EDT

Objective: to engage in an artistic tradition that is emphatically tied to
the community from which it springs, and from which I spring

Process: ask the questions Why? How? Who?
- why is this piece created?
- how is it created? what about the tools which were used to make the
piece? how were they created?
- by whom, for whom is this piece created? whose experiences does the work

Document: why do I dislike the documentation phase of any creative
endeavour? Probably because it is frustratingly, unnecessarily divorced
from the work itself. the creation of a piece and its documentation should
be a single activity. Instead, I finish the work and tell myself, "oh, no,
now i need to document this..." and it's like going through the whole
procedure again, but without having any of the fun.

cheers, and thanks for the idea cam+ned,


>>i'm not quite sure of what we were supposed to do for assignment 5
>>(c)....i seem to have lost the sheet.....could any kind soul fill me in
>>on the objective and process?
>>also, do we need to document 5 a? b? c?

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