Modern-Day Leonardo in Performance... in NYC on May 8th !

Subject: Modern-Day Leonardo in Performance... in NYC on May 8th !
From: Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) (
Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 19:17:08 EDT

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Cynthia Pannucci /ASCI
Modern-Day Leonardo in Performance
May 8, 1999 at 8pm
The Great Hall at Cooper Union, NYC
7 E. 7th Street @3rd Ave.
 (tickets $20 @ door: 6-8pm)

Jaron Lanier, the musician and scientist who coined the term "Virtual
Reality" brings two loves of his life, music and technology, together in a
new form of live performance. This benefit event for Art & Science
Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI), a New York-based, international non-profit
organization, will take place in the Great Hall at The Cooper Union,
Saturday, May 8 at 8pm. (tickets on sale from 6-8pm)

Although he is a composer and musician rather than a sculptor like
Leonardo, as a scientist, he pioneered the development of Virtual Reality.
In his current research work at Advanced Network & Services in Armonk, NY,
he acts as a catalyst bringing together recognized experts in virtual
reality and networking to identify the issues and develop plans to build a
national tele-immersive research infrastructure. With the goal of
accelerating the development of better tools for research and educational
collaboration, this plan will be woven into the fabric of many of the Next
Generation Internet applications.

"Echoes of Chromatophoria," combines deep use of virtual worlds with a
multicultural aesthetic. What "deep" means is that the use of Virtual
Reality isn't just a gimmick. In this multimedia performance work, virtual
musical instruments that couldn't exist in reality are played, and "real"
instruments become sophisticated interfaces to the exotic 3-D images of his
virtual world.

In this performance, Jaron will make use of Virtual Worlds developed for
last year's appearance by his group Chromatophoria at the Montreux Jazz
Festival in Switzerland. He will play a variety of instruments, including
the Ba Wu, Seljeflote, Gu Zheng, Khaen, and Disklavier piano. A variety of
sensors connect these to Silicon Graphics-based 3-D images that are
projected real-time on a large-screen video display.

About the name: "Chromatophoria" comes form Jaron's love and admiration of
the Giant Cuttlefish, creatures that communicate by displaying luminous,
quickly changing, colorful images all over their bodies. Chromatophores
are the color-changing cells found in the Cuttlefish's skin that act as

Jaron on the web:
This event is produced by ASCI and Cooper Union Adult Education and with
the additional support of: YAMAHA, Theatrical Services & Supplies/PROXIMA,
Silicon Graphics, and A's Wave.

Cynthia Pannucci
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
****Celebrating its 11th Year****

718 816-9796;
PO Box 358, Staten Island, NY 10301

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