electronica/ea CD, women artists

Subject: electronica/ea CD, women artists
From: sarah peebles (speeb@interlog.com)
Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 12:55:45 EDT

Law & Auder Records present 'THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES'

 'THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES' wemen in electronica: a double CD album comprising 24 tracks written and produced by an all female group of artists/producers. Distribution by 3mv/SONY
Title: The Female Of The Species
Artist: Various
Cat No: LA13CD
Release date: (Late January '99)
Format: CD
Law & Auder Records, the label that brought you "the ground breaking"
Avantgardism, the tantric/mantric East-Westercisms, "exploring those
moments where the mystic vibrations of Eastern scales and instrumental
textures fuse with the complexities of digital music", and Minimalism -
More Or Less, showcasing the new breed of stripped down, experimental
Techno and Electronica now present 'The Female Of The Species'.
A 2CD set showcasing 24 new & exclusive, exciting, moody, broody, low
frequency, experimental, electronica tracks from women in Electronica. This
weighty collection explores the vortex that is left-field electronica, and
spans a myriad of electronic genres.

Having completed our first 5 projects which involved more than 130 artists,
it suddenly dawned on me that we hadnt included the work of a single female
artist on any of them. We subsequently discovered a wealth of talented
women producers many of whom do so right under my very nose.

Featuring tracks from:-
Ann Shenton/Add N to X, Beth Coleman/dj Singe, Mieko/Apache 61, Kaffe
Matthew, Dodo, Iris/Bit-Tonic, Franziska Baumann Isabel Waidner, Laura B,
Laurie Spiegel, Magz, Mcut, Nina Walsh, Sophie Smith/Protein, Sarah-Jane
Fogg/Red Stone, Sarah Peebles, Sianed Jones, Natasha Morden/Tasha Killer
Pussies, Vicki Bennett/People Like Us, Addie Brik, Yasmin, Andrea Parker,

Compiled by Phil Earle & Maria Nearchou

            S A R A H P E E B L E S
                S t u d i o * E x c e l o
           "time-based art with a creamy filling"

                   C i n n a m o n S p h e r e
                       Gong, Peebles, Perera
"Cinematic, Ritual Performance for the Eyes and Ears"

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