Re: Squealing With Ellington/Loud enough??

Subject: Re: Squealing With Ellington/Loud enough??
From: Joseph S. Zitt (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 13:25:48 EDT

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, christophe charles wrote:

> I understand the story at least in this way : he would not blame loud sounds
> , therefore he would not blame little sounds. If small (music) is beautiful,
> then every other size/scale is also praiseworthy. The question is about know
> ing when to go away from a sound which can hurt you. He choosed to be one ho
> ur in front of the loudspeaker ; he probably felt that if he had stayed ther
> e for one more hour, he would have had a "ringing in his ears" for a longer
> period. I don't think that his story is as provocative as it seems, I don't
> see it as an insult to people who have tinnitus.

Remember also that Cage was an expert on mushrooms. While he appreciated
them all, he remained aware that some are best not eaten.

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