Fractals etc from oz-computer [fwd]

Subject: Fractals etc from oz-computer [fwd]
Date: Mon Apr 05 1999 - 07:23:50 EDT

FWD: Sorry for doubles.

Subj: mandelbrot program
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 22:15:18 +1000
From: Warren Burt <waburt@MELBOURNE.DIALIX.COM.AU>

Hi Ozcompers!

For those of you interested in fractals and such, I've found a very
nice program from a guy in Japan who uses the Mandelbrot matrix
to generate musical data. It's freeware too, and he also has
about 100 minutes of midi files of microtonal piano sound music
generated with the program. here's the url:


Warren Burt

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