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Subject: Re: Squealing With Ellington/Loud enough??
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Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 13:50:42 EST

At 12:57 99.3.3, Jean-Marc Pelletier wrote:
> Do we enjoy loud music because, despite the work of John Cage, we are not
> culturally conditioned to perceive "noise", both mental and material, as
> part of the perception of a musical event?

At 22:13 99.3.31, Ron Pellegrino wrote:
> concert took place in January 1997. Even loaded with earplug protection,
> Jeffrey suffered hearing damage after spending only 20 minutes at the
> concert looking for his son. I'd expect hearing damage to be part of the
> rock concert territory but in no way should it be part of San Francisco

In a 1977 interview for Radio France, at the occasion of the publication of
"Pour les oiseaux", John Cage said (en francais dans le texte, poorly transl
ated) :

Question : Are there "poisonous" sounds ?
Cage : I haven't heard any. And I have been searching. I even made the exper
ience to hear a very loud sound, with my ear very close to a loudspeaker for
one hour. Then I had a ringing in my ear, and the next morning the ringing c
ontinued, the next day also. Then I phone the doctor, made an appointment, b
ut on the way to the doctor, the ringing ceased ! He made an examination, an
d told me my ears were functionning very well.

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