New Teller CD

Subject: New Teller CD
Date: Wed Mar 31 1999 - 05:16:35 EST

              new solo-cd released on Ninth World Music

                           JORGEN TELLER
                    "Delete Nature Convert Today"
              Ninth World 016 CD

          a punching selection of new solos for trigger guitar

      Order your copy at NINTH WORLD MUSIC <> / fax +45-49192013


Jorgen Teller plays electric MIDI-guitar controling his EPS-sampler since
1992. On this CD he brings together new drone-rock, psycedelic punk-jazz
and electro acoustics to create a music full of sparkling energy and

Here the electric guitar and the sampler - two opposites - really come
together. The guitar controles the sampled sound via MIDI-cable. Their
sounds weave into large masses and streams. The sampler "sings" with voices
of marketplaces, train-stations, messages and laughter. The guitar-sound is
routed through the sampler's effects only to be treated with
grain-synthesis, pitch-warp, time-dicer, delays etc.

Jorgen Teller has performed with the MIDI-guitar set-up in Spain, France,
Holland (ISEA/96), Japan and Denmark. On his travels he records sounds from
cities like Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo and New York. With this
material he has produced 3 radio-sound-pieces 96-98. Currently he works on
New York: "Parade of Shades".

The sampled sounds on this CD has been recorded in Amsterdam, at The
Central Station of Copenhagen etc. In the studio Jorgen Teller recorded
text-samples and laughter. On 2 tracks he's joined by Thomas Vestergaard on

As a musician, composer and performer Jorgen Teller participated in
numerous concerts, soundtracks, live-installations, conceptual events,
multi-media, speaker concepts, video danceperformances, FAX-concerts and
communication-actions in Paris, Freiburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover,
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Salzburg, Bergamo, Arnhem, Barcelona, New
York, Montreal, Cagliari, Paernu, Arhus, Toulouse, Copenhagen, Odense,
Tokyo, Kobe, Bordeaux, St Jean d'Angely, etc.

His current co-laboration projects includes:
quartet w. David (Pere Ubu) Thomas, Per Buhl Acs, P. O. Jorgens (CD release

Second Turn of The Century Quartet w. Jeffrey Morgan, P.O Jorgens.

duos / trios with Yasuhiro Otani, Fast Forward, Jean Francois Pauvros,
Tetsuo Furudate, Rhys Chatham, TEMPER (w. Per Buhl Acs), TZARINA Q CUT (w.
Jakob Draminsky)

...choreographers: Stuart Lynch, Anne Katrine Kallmoes, Mary Overlie.
...writers: Janus Kodal (CD released 1998), Poul Borum (CD release 1999).

                        ...... just buy "delete" and convert Your head.

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