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Subject: Overheard from oz-computer ... (fwd)
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From: IN%"oz-computer-music@anu.edu.au" 28-MAR-1999 17:48:56.38
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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 09:47:25 +0900
From: Tim Kreger <Tim.Kreger@anu.edu.au>

>I have been doing some stuff makinf Supercollider playable via Java applets
>over the www. So people can dial in and compose in realtime. Am using it
>as part of a concert in the states in MAY.

Sounds great, can you let me know when thats up and running, I have a
student here who is exploring that area he would be very interested in your
work. Have you seen JSYN? It's a java enviroment by Phil Burke whos the guy
who co-wrote HSML and JFORTH and many other early computer music stuff.

It's worth checking out, although it's in it's early stages it looks pretty
impressive and is moving towards a Supercollider type model of synthesis
with GUI.

Keep in touch


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