Living Steam, Kew Bridge Steam

Subject: Living Steam, Kew Bridge Steam
From: Mr A. J. Moore (
Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 12:50:46 EST

Living Steam
Kew Bridge Steam Museum
Monday 29 March to Sunday 11 April 1999

A sound installation created by composer Nye Parry.

In the multi-speaker sound installation Living Steam, Nye Parry has created
an industrial Jurassic Park in which the grunts sighs and roars of the
massive steam engines of the Kew Bridge Steam Museum (including the largest
working beam engine in the world) are brought to life through the use of
new technology and returned to their natural environment, the museum's
magnificent Engine Room, at one time the main water pumping station for
south west London.

Living Steam has been commissioned by Sonic Arts Network with funds
provided by the Arts Council of England and with support from Thames Water.

Kew Bridge Steam Museum is housed in a magnificent 19th century Pumping
Station and exhibits some of the largest steam engines in the world once
used to pump water around London and now renovated to their original
working glory.

Sonic Arts Network exists to further the ways in which new technology is
transforming the nature and practice of music and its access in education
and in the community. For more information call us on 0181 741 7422.

Kew Bridge Steam Museum,
Geen Dragon Lane,
Brentford Middx
TW8 0EN.

Tel 0181 568 4757.

Located 100 yards from the north side of Kew Bridge.
Bus: 65,237,267, 391.
Tube: Gunnersbury, Kew Gardens.
British Rail: Kew Bridge
Admission to Museum and installation:
Weekends 3.80 ukp. Adults
         2.50 ukp. Senior Citizen,
         2.00 ukp. Children,
           10.50 ukp Family ticket.
Weekdays 2.80, 1.50, 1.00 Family Ticket 7.00 ukp respectively.

Sonic Arts Network.

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