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At 15:07 99.3.12, Anomalous Records wrote:

> Who are these names?

> >yoshida ami
vocals, many collaboration with the youngest electro-digital
Japanese scene, she organized an historical series of concerts
and has one or two cds

> >morimoto seiji
> >nishijima atsushi
> >murai hironori
> >yasui sasagu
they are Kosugi's disciples : analog sound installations,
using electricity or not
somehow close to Suzuki Akio also

> >the eccentric opera
two women, one singer, one composer/player with every kind
of synthesizers, both classic training, they have records by
Sony and EMI I guess

> >takemura nobukazu
talented sound collagist/dj
his cds are easy to find

> >cornelius
from pizzicato five

> >meiwa denki/wono satoru
meiwa denki is an "art unit" building strange
electrified instruments, which are also sculptures
they are on many tv programs, make books and cds
supported by Sony. Wono is the composer who works
with them

> >miwa masahiro
composer who studied in Berlin, now prof at IAMAS

> >sakonda nobuyasu
> >akamatsu masayuki
programmers/composers, both wrote the Japanese MAX bible
see and look for Xebec
Akamatsu is also prof at IAMAS, and developping music programs
for the web.

> >maebayashi akitsugu
see the NTT/ICC homepage

> >yuko nexus 6
she's a writer and composer, worked with Carl Stone
made a book about music sharewares, has also a cd by Kaeru Cafe

> >otani yasuhiro
lately he is often in the us, sound and image collage (Luc Ferrari etc)

about "japanese improvisers" :

I know the others you mention. Though I could also
> point out m/s, Tsunoda, Jio Shimizu, Atsushi Tominga, *0, Koji Marutani,
> Masami Tada, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Dumb Type, Akio Suzuki, Toshirou Mayuzumi
> and Makoto Moroi.

well I wrote these names thinking of electronics oriented people

Ichiyanagi, Moroi , Mayuzumi... : not exactly the same scale, they are at the
avant-garde indeed, from the fifties... You know Mayuzumi passed away

yes, and of course there are many more

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