Re: electro-acoustic harp

Subject: Re: electro-acoustic harp
From: James Correa (
Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 16:01:31 EST

Hi Arnan,

I think you can use any comercial multi-effects in your harp. I'm not a
master in this kind of thing but some years ago I used some effects ( some
pedals like flangers, chorus phasers and delays and pitch shifters, typical
rock guitar staff) with my classical guitar and had a good time .
BTW, I'm a composer and will love write something for this kind of
instrument, if you like the idea please reply me privatelly, an please sorry
my poor english, its not my native language.


james Correa
>From: "Arnan Wiesel" <>
>Subject: electro-acoustic harp
>Date: Thu, Mar 18, 1999, 1:36 AM

>I'm an australian harpist looking for an effects processor which would be
>well suited to
>an electro-acoustic harp. The harp has 4 outputs. Does anyone have any
>suggestions? I'm also looking for pieces written for / suitable for
>to the electro-acoustic harp.
>Alice Giles

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