Re: 13e Concours national de jeunes compositeurs de Radio-Canada

Subject: Re: 13e Concours national de jeunes compositeurs de Radio-Canada
Date: Sun Mar 14 1999 - 05:39:34 EST

In Luc Beauchemin's letter to the CBC / SRC he questions why the members
of the jury for the Young Composers Competition were in the balcony,
rather than in the center of the listening space -- where the real action

I support his concern, and have suggested to him that he forward a copy
of the letter to the CEC, CMC and CLC. One voice in this environment is
not strong enough to draw much attention.

The CEC acts on behalf of the Canadian (and indirectly the international)
ea/cm community, particularly in matters of broad concern within the
ea/cm community. The areas of the Canada Council have often said that
they prefer to work with groups representing artistic disciplines in
forming and modifying programs designed to aid these artists.

IMV, the CEC, as do all national ea/cm organizations, needs the continuing
support of those it represents. The gains made in the late 80s and early
90s for national ea/cm associations will continue to be eroded without
support by those who benefit by the actions of these national associations.

Seems like membership renewal time must be just around the corner!!



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