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Subject: FWD :: Sound and Visualization
From: KEVIN AUSTIN (KAUSTIN@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Sat Mar 13 1999 - 05:20:34 EST

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Subj: sound and visualization (fwd)

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 09:51:08 -0500 (EST)
From: MIRSKY LAWRENCE <mirsky@cooper.edu>
To: professional_chapters_leaders@siggraph.org
Subject: sound and visualization

I'm researching a possible lecture series at The Cooper Union for the
Advancement of Science and Art on sound and visualization. We're
particularly interested in three dimensional rendering, transcription,
translation or interpretation of sound in variety of fields and their
actual or potential application in the arts. Could anyone recommend
expert sound and visual technicians in speech pathology, music and film
industry, medical clinical animal or human trials etc... Any help would
be greatly appreciated.

Experts in the New York City area would be preferred.


Lawrence Mirsky, Director
The Herb Lubalin Study Center
of Design and Typography
The Cooper Union
30 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003




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