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Subject: From the land of OZ (fwd snip)
Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 06:33:25 EST

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>Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 21:05:29 +1100
>From: Terry McDermott <>

>I did some DJ-ing for a techno rave on the weekend, and I was specifically
>asked to do it because these techno kids wanted a electroacoustic content
>in their event. Because I have some kind of small profile (thumbprint,
>perhaps?) in the Melbourne "Art Diaspora", I got to play with an enormous
>PA system, put together according to my specifications, have an audience of
>900+ people between the ages of 18 and 40-something (mostly in their 20's),
>and get paid a reasonable amount for my services.

> Each audience member paid
>$25- so that's a door-taking of at least $22,000, plus income generated by
>food and drink sales-- I dont mind a few flashing lights and bad puffy
>jackets etc if it means I've got an audience for mine and other's EA music.
>(Have you seen a crowd of generation X'ers dance to a pulseless arhythmic
>Warren Burtish harmonic-field drone? No? Well I did this weekend.
>Congratulations Warren, you wowed them.)

>There are cultural gaps everywhere- I guess you can't expect the AMC or the
>various funding bodies, (or ACMA) to be able to fill them: these gaps that
>exist between, say youth electronica culture, the Philip Samartzis set, and
>ACMA etc are only easily -if at all- fillable by individual responses- that
>is after all a pretty important responsibility of the artist in society, to
>create connections where they previously didnt exist. Again, I might sound
>like the President of the Warren Burt Fan Club, but Warren actually is
>agood example of the cultural mobility required in order to do this.
>Cultural polyfilla.

>Thats all for now.
>Terry McDermott
>Music Department
>School of Arts & Media
>Latrobe University
>Bundoora, Victoria, 3083
>Telephone +61 3 9479 2167
>Fax +61 3 9479 3651

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