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Subject: research criteria
From: Rosemary Mountain (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 05:58:31 EST

Dear list,

        John Young wrote to the cecdiscuss a long time back about criteria for
evaluating compositional activity in terms of research and investigation
for the university. We are doing this (again) in my department, and
there is the usual bickering and confusion. Our department has 3 areas:
New Technologies, Design, and Music. Therefore, we are all agreed that
the results of our research are perfectly valid in non-book format, for
example, (though it is rather new for Portugal, so we have to defend
it). However, whether compositions and piano recitals qualify, for
example, along with laboratory investigation and misicological research,
is another story. At the moment, there is a suggestion that
commissioned compositions are worth considerably more than
non-commissioned, I guess on the grounds that it shows a recognition
from outside sources that the composition is of high quality. Being
from the school which taught (rather erroneously now, I think in
retrospect) that making art for money was to "sell out", this rubs me
the wrong way. On the subject of recitals, I was suggesting that a
recital could be part of an investigation, but would need a (more
cerebral?) contextualization to be so. Etc.

        I wondered if there are any new thoughts on this subject, or whether
anyone could direct me to their own institution's statements on the
matter -- preferably with an indication whether you think they are
(In the latter case, it would probably be better to reply to me
privately, at



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