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Subject: Re: new students
From: James Paul Sain (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 04:16:47 EST

>>For the past couple of years, here in the Department of Music we have been
>>>getting enquiries about admissions from people who claim no traditional
>>>instrument (just sampler or in a few cases, turntable). They seem to
>>apply to a >Department of Music because it is 'the closest' they can come
>>to finding >training (beyond commercil / technical school).
>a few of these new ea musicians have come my way
>i find them facinating
>i am learning a lot from them & they are progressing very well
>unfortunately i cannot interest my college in educating them
>they do not fit into the curriculum based on performing ancient european music
>so they major in phil, computer sci, etc
>i wish there could be a way to have them in my college

We've been developing a new degree program for the "non-traditional"
student of electro-acoustic music with a cognate in computer science and
one in electrical engineering. The comp sci cognate will be in place for
next year. I had to structure the degree around our BA in Composition and
Theory as it gave the most flexibility. I too found our traditional
faculty not highly supportive when "music" students didn't perform on a
dead tree (or somethin of the sort). We still have the traditional
composition tracks (BM, MM and soon PhD) but I think this new degree will
help round out our electroacoustic offerings (though requiring a sizable
math background). You can see the proposal as it stands at:

Please send any comments to me personally.

Jim Sain

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