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Subject: Re: new students
Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 06:16:42 EST


>>For the past couple of years, here in the Department of Music we have been
>>>getting enquiries about admissions from people who claim no traditional
>>>instrument (just sampler or in a few cases, turntable).

Dan continued ...

>a few of these new ea musicians have come my way >i find them facinating
>i am learning a lot from them & they are progressing very well
>unfortunately i cannot interest my college in educating them >they do not
>fit into the curriculum based on performing ancient european music >so
>they major in phil, computer sci, etc >i wish there could be a way to have
>them in my college

A difficulty that our Department has here (and even the Faculty) is that
an academic Degree has breadth and inclusive aspects to it. More than 3/4
of the students in first year ea here at Concordia (45 or more of the 60)
are registered in other departments.

We have tried to work on a curricular design that would: (1) have enough
courses, and (2) interest enough students to be able to run. (We have a
minimum class size of about 15 due to budgetary constraints.)

The first years of ea courses are not that difficult to populate: but what
are the cognate courses? Acoustics and psychoacoustics will not have
enough interest (partly because of the need for some 'traditional music'

At Concordia University, there are somewhere between 250 and 300 students
taking 'sound' courses: in the Department of Music, Communications
Studies, Film Production, Multi- and Mixed Media courses, video,
journalism, the Major and Minor in Digital Image and Sound ...

In all of these areas, 'sound' is a complementary aspect. While a student
can take four years of painting, four years of drawing, and four years of
print making and photography (as cognate areas), (not to mention the
three dimensional art form -- sculpture, installation art, ceramics,
fibers ...), the 'sound' student doesn't have enough courses to have a
"Major in Sound".

What would these courses be? What areas would/could be included?

Any ideas?

(This is mostly undergraduate, within a Faculty of Fine Arts.)



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