Re: Loud enough??

Subject: Re: Loud enough??
Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 05:51:40 EST

I asked:

>> Were these Rien a Voir? ACREQ, and/or EuCuE? concerts.

Jean-Marc replied ...

>The concerts I mentioned were two Rien a voir and the student symposium
>concert held at Concordia held last fall.

All who were present in October at Concordia will remember that this
comment applies to only one group of presentations. About 2/3 of the
people present had their fingers plugging their ears during this

Presenters at Concordia concerts are reminded not to play their pieces
_too_ loud, but unfortunately, on occasion, the person who will do the
sound projection does not come for a sound check. This leaves us with an
embarrassing situation: a commitment to present a concert, and someone who
is prepared to 'fly it', by arriving at the concert half an hour before
they are to play.




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