Re: earplugs

Subject: Re: earplugs
From: Barry Truax (
Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 03:17:09 EST

    I think that earplugs are perfectly safe, even for long periods of
use, and the only "effect on your hearing" will be to preserve it!
Actually you're ahead of most folks who think of them only for noisy
situations - even modest noise levels during sleep disrupt the various
sleep cycle stages without actually waking you up. I use them all the time
in hotel rooms and the like, and *always* on aircraft (travelling is
stressful enough as it is, and the noise levels play a big part in that).
    For the record, most of us at SFU use E-A-R plugs (I guess that's also
a plug!) which are cheap, washable and comfortable for most people, but
not all. They're rated as fairly flat attenuation of up to 35 dB across a
fairly wide range which also means you can still hear speech reasonably
    The main reason for using them is that it gives you a choice - too
many people think that "adaptation" will protect you, but it doesn't. I
think musicians should take the lead in promoting aural health and
awareness - particularly since rehearsals by both rock bands and school
bands pose a substantial risk, in addition to concert levels that have
been discussed here.
    Barry Truax

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