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Subject: Re: Enhanced CD and CD-Rom
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Date: Mon Mar 01 1999 - 18:11:28 EST

>A cd is a cd..enhansed means cd cd music, movies, files, a
>exicutable ect....Some thing like one of the residents cdrom..
>cds can be played on any cd and cd rom drives......

Actually, I think 'enhanced' actually refers to an earlier, and pretty much
never used feature. Some CDs were supposed to feature an additional data
track for text, for example lyrics to a song, that you could see if you had
the right kind of CD player. Sometimes these were also called CD+ or
something like that. I'm not sure I ever saw a CD which used that feature,
or the player to play it back. I know it was only a revision in a more
recent version of AppleCD Audio Player that allowed one to play these
discs. It seems there were a lot of interesting features possible with
regular audio CDs that people have ignored. Another one is subindex
points. Seems most people don't even now these things are there, or how to
write them, which I guess isn't surprising as most CD players don't even
have an index field on their display anymore.

In any case, like Andrew pointed out, CD-ROMs (CD with computer data) can
be played back on regular CD players. Not all of them were smart enough to
include the data in a separate session and there are several CDs where the
first track as recognized by a CD player is actually unplayable because it
is the ROM part of the disc (I remember there is a Skinny Puppy collection
like this, and I believe also the Farmers Manuel CD/CD-ROM on Mego).
Ideally, one should write the audio first, and then the data as Andrew
suggests as this will cause less headache those with only a CD player.
Furthermore, audio CDs burned as orange book audio (the only thing Toast,
the application that comes with most burners, can do) can be played back on
most regular audio CD players without much problem. I believe the
difference is where the table of contents is written (?), not sure about
that though. Red book audio can be written using Toast Pro, and is what
audio CD replication plants usually require you to submit.

Eric Lanzillotta

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