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Subject: Re: Loud enough??
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Date: Sun Feb 28 1999 - 23:06:55 EST

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> Subject: Re: Loud enough??
> Date: 26 février, 1999 12:13
> One of the problems which can occur is that the diffussion desk is
> (usually) placed in the 'optimum position' in the hall - optimum being
> defined in terms of imaging and quality of sound rather than anything
> - the trouble is that this means that the diffusion artist may not be
> fully aware of problems elsewhere in the hall, such as hotspots in the
> soundfield. As a result of focussing from corners in our hall, for
> instance, I have measured sound levels some 12 dB higher in certain seats
> near the rear of the hall (AWAY from loudspeakers by the way) than at our
> normal diffusion desk.

I think that this is one of the reason for loud levels in the concert hall.
I think also unfortunately a few diffusers have suffered hearing loss and
cannot judge acurately the amplitude at which they are projecting.
Of course there is also the "thrill" of playing it loud, which is why the
levels are so high at rock concerts and dance clubs.

It would be so easy though to adjust the amps so that even with all the
faders way up on the mixing console the level do not exceed unreasonable
levels anywhere in the room. Why is this never done?

Dynamics is not so much about absolute amplitude as the difference between
two levels.

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