Re: Akai disks on Mac

Subject: Re: Akai disks on Mac
Date: Sat Feb 28 1998 - 21:20:23 EST

With reservation, I'll mention MESA II, an unreliable interface with the
Akai S2000. The only thing that seems to work reliably is transferring
soundfiles from and to the MAc. And I don't know if it handles S1000. Anna

 But --On Sun, Feb 28, 1999 1:19 PM +0000 "Nye Parry" <>

> Hi all,
> Does anyone know of any share/freeware that will allow me to read Akai
> S1000 disks on a Mac? (I saw a pc one but no mac version)
> Thanks
> Nye
> Nye Parry
> City University &
> Guildhall School of Music and Drama

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