Re: restoration

Subject: Re: restoration
Date: Sun Feb 28 1999 - 05:02:50 EST

Larry seeks comments on:

>How do you feel about restoring old, classic reel-to-reel
>tape pieces, ... [snip] should one leave
>such hiss and other tape noise artifacts of the late '40's to
>early '60's as part of the idiomatic nature of tape music of
>that period.?

You may care to try both ... is the piece what you conceived it to be (in
your minds' ears) or as it was produced within the physical world? Many
composers 'touched up the orchestration' after a period of reflection.
You may wish to consider the situation of a student who refused to make
any changes to a piece because (what you perceive as 'tape noise
artifacts'), are idiomatic of their work.

It seems to me, that it recontextualizes the piece. (I had the
opportunity to make it sound better but didn't??)

Konrad Boehmer used filters on the early German pieces that he edited,
and gave short technical descriptions of what he did.



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