Re: restoration

Subject: Re: restoration
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (
Date: Sat Feb 27 1999 - 22:39:58 EST

At 11 31 02 27 1999 -0600, Larry Austin wrote:
>How do you feel about restoring old, classic reel-to-reel
>tape pieces, which were made pre-Dolby or DBX?

I restore. Despite the historical authenticity of tape hiss, I don't listen
to stuff that hasn't been noise-reduced. To me, music is a listening
activity, and at this point in the 1990s, tape hiss and other noises are
maddening. You might even discover 'hidden' information, sounds you'd long

Naturally I *do* make and keep untrammeled archive copies, and I also keep
the original (read this: and
the machines to play them (4-track 4-channel dbx-I? 15ips full-track
non-standard EQ? 8-track cartridges for installations? RCA 1/4-inch
cassettes? handmade staggered-head machines? ouch, yes, all and more...).
Belts and idlers are getting harder to find, and tapes show their age, even
with care. So I've been spending time make the best copies I can, archiving
them on CDR, and cleaning them up for 'listening' copies. At this point,
with several dozen electronic pieces and hundreds of live performance
tapes, I can only despair about the condition they'll be in after a few
more years.

That wandered from the point, I guess. But make restored listening copies
... You'll be delighted to lose that 'classic' hiss!


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