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Subject: Re: Enhanced CD and CD-Rom
From: Andrew Czink (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 13:33:14 EST

        You're right that enhanced CDs can played on either audio CD
players as well as CD-ROMs. The disc is written in two "session" the first
session being standard CD audio and the second session being "other stuff"
(graphics, text files etc.) that only a CD ROM will read. The reason this
works is because the "red book" audio standard (ie CD audio) can only read
the first session on a disc and therefore will ignore anything written in a
subsequent session. The CD-ROM of course can read anything and so can
access the "enhanced" data on the disc just fine, in addition to the
regular audio data.


>I need clarification on one technical matter.
>Am I right to assume that enhanced CD's can be played on either audio cd
>player and computer CD-Rom and that a CD-Rom disc can only be played on a
>Need to clarify this soon. Sorry if this seems elimentary to some of you
>out there. The computer world is full of myths!
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