Re: Loud enough??

Subject: Re: Loud enough??
From: DG Malham (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 12:13:50 EST

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Jean-Marc Pelletier wrote:

> Extremely loud levels are not however only a problem in rock concerts and
> dance clubs.
> In every single electroacoustic concert I have attended in the past two
> years levels have been pushed, sometimes consistently, beyond comfort.
> As I am still young and have no intention on becoming the next Beethoven I
> would like to see much more ethics put into sound diffusion when it comes
> to overall amplitude.

One of the problems which can occur is that the diffussion desk is
(usually) placed in the 'optimum position' in the hall - optimum being
defined in terms of imaging and quality of sound rather than anything else
- the trouble is that this means that the diffusion artist may not be
fully aware of problems elsewhere in the hall, such as hotspots in the
soundfield. As a result of focussing from corners in our hall, for
instance, I have measured sound levels some 12 dB higher in certain seats
near the rear of the hall (AWAY from loudspeakers by the way) than at our
normal diffusion desk.

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