RE: Works for mezzo and tape

Subject: RE: Works for mezzo and tape
From: Alistair MacDonald (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 04:20:31 EST

from the top of my head... (and I'm not sure of ranges....)

in sunlight
Jo Hyde

Inharmonique (and another one I think) though may be high

Chant d'ailleurs (& something else)
Alejandro Vinao

Javier Alvarez was working on something last time I spoke to him

The four loom weaver
Nigel Osborne

oh, and look at

then, Instruments Abbreviations


& try a few searches


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Subject: Works for mezzo and tape

Does anyone know of works written for mezzosoprano and tape? We have a
mezzo but nothing for her to sing!


Dugal Mckinnon


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