academic work on the genealogy of "techno"

Subject: academic work on the genealogy of "techno"
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 03:51:44 EST

Go to and go to the read link...
its a book being wqorked on by Bev May a Toronto academic....
Also most of the more intelligent on line zines like xl8ter
will have the occassional good read...
But the best place is the technolist on the site...
join in and see just how very undifferent the techno snobbery is from the
EA snobbery...


At 3:05 PM 2/26/99, christophe charles wrote:
>please check
>terre thaemlitz / jane dowe
>(and mille plateaux/force inc's latest releases,
>including the coming "modulation & transformation 4")
>oval (dok !)
>microstoria (reprovisers !)
>mouse on mars
>thomas koener
>alec empire
>jim o'rourke
>does the "academic" world take any interest in these ?
>is there an academic work on the genealogy of "techno"
>and derived genres ?
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