Advice for sound installation

Subject: Advice for sound installation
From: Garth Paine (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 20:31:40 EST

Hi Roald,

Having done a number of installations for museums of immersive sound
environments, I would strongly reccomend not usind standard playback
devices. Well designed hard disk playback can be reliable, and if you are
doing it yourself you could take a look at MAX/MSP and a 1212 card, but
that doesn't give you the number of channels you require. I would
reccomend using the AudioBox,, from Richmond sound Design - it is a 16x16
matrix mixer with 8 channels of HD playback buit in check out . You could also look at the Roland AR100 and
AR2000 PCMCIA card solid state audio players which I have found very
reliable, and Philips make a similar product, but I haven't used it.

>What kind of playing device would you recommand (Adat, hard disk, DVD,
>Dolby Drive, sampler...), as this would have to run for long times
>without interruptions? However, these players and the amplifiers would
>be in a protected place, inside.

>Do you know loudspeakers made for outside installations having an
>acceptable sound quality?

Check out the N.E.A.R - New England Audio Research outdoor speakers - very
reliable even in snow and ice !!



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