Re: Works for mezzo and tape

Subject: Re: Works for mezzo and tape
From: Elsa Justel (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 17:24:10 EST

Barry Truax wrote:
> If you'd consider an "old" piece, my She, A Solo from 1973 for mezzo
> and tape might be interesting. Please contact me privately.
> P.S. May I suggest to all who make these requests to include their private
> email address so we don't have to flood the entire list with our replies.
> Thanks you.
> Barry Truax
> website:
> email:

I have a piece too, (for woman voice and tape), composed in 1990,
althaugh the text is in spanish.If you are interested please contact me
privately. The same observation that Barry Truax made is valid here...


Elsa Justel

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