Re: my new obsession

Subject: Re: my new obsession
From: robin (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 11:55:25 EST

> i have a new obsession... Boards of Canada. :)
>can anyone suggest other artists that have
>similar styles besides Aphex Twin (Ambient Works)
>Delerium, Future Sound of London...

I don't know how many people have responded to this...I'd recommend Autechre
in general (all), Squarepusher's _feed me weird things_, max tundra, the
aphex twin _richard d james_ record (all put into incredibly odd pop song
form), richard thomas (especially his newest)...maybe ryoji ikeda, kiyoshi
izumi, even some of Howie B's stuff, and the newest album (my bag) from
Stock, Hausen and Walkman.

I think of Boards of Canada having less of an "abstract" quality and so some
of the above things are made of obvious, but very cleverly arranged and
disguised samples, some, like ikeda, are even more abstract.

if anyone reading the above list has anything _else_ to recommend to _me_,
email me privately!


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