Re: IRCAM press release

Subject: Re: IRCAM press release
From: Michael A. Thompson (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 14:03:27 EST

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz wrote:
> At 22 41 02 24 1999 -0800, Michael A. Thompson wrote:
> >And the zillions of PeeCee developers ignore the Macintosh.... Oh
> >well.....
> PC's where the money is right now, not Mac. Max folks don't need money?
> Most of the audio and notation developers have produced Win versions now,
> and it's apparently good for the pocketbook. I and hundreds more of us with
> PC DAWs would buy Max and HMSL if the developers would bother. They're only
> computers. I have no loyalty to platform. If Mac were dominant and cheap,
> then that'd be the place to market & the hardware I'd use.
> No composers using PC DAWs on this list?
> Dennis
well there will be jMax for Intel/Linux... atleast PeeCee hardware...
then of course you have Millers pd that runs on IRIX, Linux, NT-98-95...
its Max like..... I have a few students using on Linux and Windork.....
it works....


BTW... Macs are cheap now..... I dont have one anymore but they are

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