Re: splicing tape fades

Subject: Re: splicing tape fades
From: Eric Somers (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 10:40:59 EST

At 07:09 AM 2/25/1999 -0400, KEVIN AUSTIN wrote:
>It also needs to be remembered that the cross-fade isn't completely
>linear. If you have a full track (1/4") tape and cut it in half, the
>amplitude will only be reduced by (about) 3 dB, but this would also change
>the equalization playback curve.
>This translates that a 1/4" tape cut in half doesn't 'halve the volume'
>of the signal.

This is an important point that relates to many mechanical ways of "fading"
audio in or out. I understand that when one opens the door to a noisy room
the sound increase one gets in the first quarter inch of opening the door
is as much as in the whole rest of the door opening.

Those of us who used to be organists can attest to the non-linearity of
swell shutters on pipe ranks "under expression."

- Eric

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