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Subject: CMC - electroacoustic music
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Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 10:16:04 EST

I haven't been following all the details of the discussions concerning the
CMC (Canadian Music Center) and the place of instrumental and ea/cm inside it
but I would like to add that in 1987 and 1988 (I was a very undergraduate
student) it was from the CMC that I got further information and materials
referred to ea/cm in Canada: they sent me 3 sample copies of Contact! and
other materials from the CEC (wasn't that the golden epoque of the CEC?) as
well as cassettes (on loan) featuring Canadian ea/cm.
They were very explanatory in providing info about ea/cm in Canada. I was
really thankful to them (that was the manner I knew the CEC).

The only bad thing I found is that all recording were (and still are, I guess)
on sale, I mean, they were NOT for free for foreigners. In my view, the
Canadian Music Center should provide recordings of Canadian contemporary music
composers (both instrumental and ea/cm) FOR FREE to professional composers
from abroad as the Swedish (and all Nordic) Music Centers do. That is a very
good way of a cultural promotion and welfare and it's also the obligation of
the state in a developed country towards the "Third World" and "emerging"
countries, I think.


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