Re: Prix Ars '99 bigotry

Subject: Re: Prix Ars '99 bigotry
From: Linda A. Seltzer (lseltzer@phoenix.Princeton.EDU)
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 18:44:19 EST

>in the competition) as "an outmoded '60's term gone out of vogue." They
>go on: "There were a large number of entries in the Computer Music
>Section this time and, despite the forceful statements over recent years,
>the majority of works submitted were once again, 'tape' pieces

An attack on tape pieces as a genre is ignorant because tape music
represents a lyrical as opposed to dramatic aesthetic and deals with
the representation of inner states of mind rather than with expression
by the body. We don't attack lyrical, introspective poetry for not
being drama.

>primarily represented the male academia with little racial or gender
>diversity." I consider this statement as radically unfair, both in terms
>of the male gender nd of composer-academics, in particular.

Larry may consider this unfair, but, unfortunately it is true.
Men who consider it unfair should look at how they have contributed to
this rather than outright reject the idea. Do they answer e-mail
requests for information from women composers? Do they reach out
and try to be inclusive, or do they form cliques? Men who consider
such a statement unfair should take a look at themselves first, for
example, how they have treated ME.

>Should there,
>by inference, be a "quota" of males or females submitting or a ban
>on tape pieces in the competition.

No, but that's not the issue. The issue is how women have
been shut out so that they are not in a position to contribute.
Of course you'll never see the answers if you don't ask the right

Linda Seltzer

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