[Fwd: request for info]

Subject: [Fwd: request for info]
From: Larry Austin (austin@sndart.cemi.unt.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 09:22:56 EST

Dear ea/cm colleagues:

I received the following message today from
Gabi Winkler of Prix Ars Electronica, regarding
the category name change from "Computer
Music" to "Digital Musics" for their 1999

This apparently means now that one can submit
musics created for/with fingers or other digital
media. : ) Very reassuring.

Larry Austin

attached mail follows:

Dear Mr. Austin,
thank you for your email. Yes you are right computer music, electroaucustic
etc is submitted in the category Digital Music. And yes, you can submit your
work in this category.

 We took a redefinition of Computer Music because we would like to adjust
this category, what is happening in music today.

If you need more information, please contact me.

Best wishes
Gabi Winkler
Digital Music

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>Dear Gabi Winkler:
>I note that there is no longer a category for "computer music" in
>the PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 1999 announcement.
>I presume then that "computer music" and "electroacoustic
>music" and, for that matter, "musique acousmatique" are subsumed
>under "Digital Musics"?
>I ask, because I do not know if my works are eligible to be
>entered in the competition. I compose "computer music", most
>often combined with instruments and/or voice for presentation
>as concert music.
>Please advise.
>Thank you.
>Larry Austin, composer

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