Re: Prix Ars '99 bigotry

Subject: Re: Prix Ars '99 bigotry
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 05:07:52 EST

Larry continues ...

>Yes, I think I understand. HOWEVER, the report of the judging panel for the
>1998 Prix, published in the book that followed, ...



Who were the members of the panel?

It would likely be interesting to have them explain in an open and public
forum (such as this), exactly what they meant. It would be only fair to
provide them the opportunity to address, in person (individualy and
collectively), the community which they spoke to, and about, in print and
in action.

If you wish Larry, we could formulate such a request to them right now!

>statement by the panel that berated "computer music" (their designation
>in the competition) as "an outmoded '60's term gone out of vogue." They
>go on: "There were a large number of entries in the Computer Music
>Section this time and, despite the forceful statements over recent years,
>the majority of works submitted were once again, 'tape' pieces which
>primarily represented the male academia with little racial or gender

Larry continued
> I consider this statement as radically unfair, both in terms
>of the male gender and of composer-academics, in particular.

Larry, you may consider it to be unfair, but that does not mean that it's
not true.

> Should there,
>by inference, be a "quota" of males or females submitting or a ban
>on tape pieces in the competition. I note that, notwithstanding, the
>1998 panel awarded some prizes to "male", tape music composers.

>From my reading, they report a statistical situation, it seems to me that
you are infering a 'quota'.

>"Digital Musics" will attract more female composer submissions?
>"Digital Musics" will bridge the gender gap?

Maybe someone with a more historical perspective than I have, will relate
that the term 'computer music' is not heavily freighted with gender
specific elements.

Read the list of founding members of the CMA, ICMA, CIME ... and the
names of former editors of CMJ, the current Editorial Advisory Board of
CMJ, and the editorial Board of Organised Sound.

I am of the mentaly ossified generation that when I hear the word
'nurse', visualize a woman, and the word 'judge' passes as male. Creating
an open, respectful and welcoming environment often means making
decisions which are not welcome or popular with those who have
historicaly held sway.

>So...I await a response from Gabi Winkler...explaining this
>seemingly innocuous change of terminology.

I don't read this as seemingly innocuous, and from your response, I take
it that you don't either. But perhaps for different reasons.



Suddenly got very cold around here ... brrrrrr .. -17 C (5 degrees F).

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