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Subject: Re: [ request for info]
From: Martín (
Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 13:32:59 EST

Very good question, Larry Austin. I was just going to make the same one.

Martin Fumarola

Larry Austin <> wrote:
>Dear Gabi Winkler:
>I note that there is no longer a category for "computer music" in
>the PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 1999 announcement.
>I presume then that "computer music" and "electroacoustic
>music" and, for that matter, "musique acousmatique" are subsumed
>under "Digital Musics"?
>I ask, because I do not know if my works are eligible to be
>entered in the competition. I compose "computer music", most
>often combined with instruments and/or voice for presentation
>as concert music.
>Please advise.
>Thank you.
>Larry Austin, composer

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