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Center for Professional Development in Music Technology
                    June 11-16, 1999
     The Office of Research in Arts Technology (ORAT)
       Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois

This year's Center for Professional Development in
Music Technology will provide beginning to intermediate
levels of training with three tracks of Web development
with a special emphasis on music tools, Macromedia
Director training for music software development and
notation and sequencing tools to teach orchestration
and arranging. The five-day experience will give
participants the opportunity to explore these
possibilities, seek answers to questions related to
music technology, and work in a cross-platform
environment with the large resources of music software,
hardware, and well-qualified professional expertise on
hand in the arts technology program at Illinois State.
Special events and presentations are also planned for
each day including a night at the Shakespeare Festival.
The three tracks this summer provide enough new areas
of study that previous attendees to the workshop should
consider returning to the summer Institute.

Instruction will consist of lecture and demonstration,
followed by hands-on experiences in the four Macintosh
and Windows labs. Registration is available for
"Internet Observers" who would like private access to
RealAudio broadcasts of the lectures over the Internet
and access to the Web-based teaching materials. We have
made many changes and improvements that include:
* New G3 Macintosh systems have been purchased this
year for the Mac multimedia lab
* Upgraded software (e.g. Finale 98, Cakewalk,
QuickTime 3.0, and more)
* New high-tech lecture room for morning open sessions
* Internet observer delivery will be expanded to
provide RealVideo as well as RealAudio support
* New staff additions with Henry Panion and Joe Bernert
* Motel as well as dorm options for housing

Three nationally known music technology faculty will
provide the primary instruction for the Center: Peter
Webster, Henry Panion, and David Williams. Henry has
unique talents, as arranger for Stevie Wonder, in
teaching the use of MIDI software for arranging and
orchestration and would provide new talent to the
instructional mix. Webster and Williams, authors of
Experiencing Music Technology, bring a broad range of
experience with multimedia, web, and classroom
applications. Additional Illinois State ORAT staff
support will be provided by James Bohn, Jody DeCremer,
David Kuntz and Joe Bernert.

For more information, see, http://www.arts.ilstu.edu/cmscenter

Tuition: Before April 30: CMS members, $450. Non-CMS
members, $525. Internet Observer, $200. After May 1:
CMS members, $550. Non-CMS members, $625. Internet
Observer, $25


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