Subject: Re: CMC
Date: Sat Feb 20 1999 - 09:05:01 EST

Alain Thibault notes that the CMC is an organization really created for
composers of instrumental music. And there is an annual fee.

>Cher Daniel,
>en tant que compositeur agréé je peux te dire que tu ne rates absolument
>rien. Cet organisme est vraiment conçu pour les compositeurs de musique
>En plus tu devras payer des frais annuels.

It appears to me that this is a matter that needs to be brought up with
the Canada Council, one of the CMC's major funding sources.

The CEC (along with many other 'arts service organizations') was cut off
from sustained funding. Support for the electroacoustic community in
Canada is provided by the national and international electroacoustic
community. Many people outside of Canada recognize that the CEC is
working to improve conditions for all practitioners of ea, not only CEC
members, and they make this support tangible by their financial

I am sure that the president of the CEC would like to thank all those who
support its activities (hint-hint <yikes!!> <<8-()>>!!), and encourage
everyone to support their own national and international associations....
(as well as the CEC! ;) ).



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