Subject: Re: CMC
Date: Sat Feb 20 1999 - 08:31:51 EST

Daniel Leduc wrote for opinions as to whether he should apply to become
an Associate of the Canadian Music Center, a member organization of the
International Music Centers (a UNESCO recognized group).

>Chers collègues rattachés au CMC de Montréal,

>J'ai tenté d'avoir les informations pour devenir compositeur agréé du
>Centre de musique canadienne. J'ai eu comme réponse : désolé, prochaine
>chance dans deux ans (2001) !

>Ceci étant dit, ma question est la suivante : est-il vraiment avantageux
>(utile, essentiel, etc...) d'être compositeur agréé du CMC quand on n'écrit
>- comme moi - que des pièces pour bande seule?

Take every opportunity to further your career and your creative activity.
The CMC has relatively large amounts of money for these things, and (if I
understand correctly), they are one of the few 'arts service organization'
that the Canada Council appears to have made an exception for regarding
continued (or more correctly, discontinued) funding of ASOs.

The road will not be smooth. Ea 'composers' are not frequently welcomed
with open arms by the 'instrumental' "composers'" community, but there is
more tolerance now than 30 years ago. There also would appear to be
somewhat less gender bias.

Go for it. Get your name and your work out in every way you can!!

(You asked for opinion ... that's what you got.)



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