Re: HD recording/editing for PC

Subject: Re: HD recording/editing for PC
From: Dac Chartrand (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 15:42:54 EST

> I'm constantly being asked by students what shareware/freeware is available
> for PCs which might enable them to do some HD recording & editing & some
> processing at home. Since the studios here are Mac-based, I don't have
> enough experience to make reliable suggestions. Any thoughts? These are
> mostly performers with little experience of computers (apart from the Pro
> Tools they use here), so the simpler the better with waveform display...

Check out

for a very complete list of electronic music software
(shareware/freeware) for PC compatibles. Enough free quality software on
there to make you cry. Boo hoo.

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