Re: HD recording/editing for PC

Subject: Re: HD recording/editing for PC
From: Eric Somers (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 11:11:12 EST

At 04:33 PM 2/16/99 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm constantly being asked by students what shareware/freeware is available
>for PCs which might enable them to do some HD recording & editing & some
>processing at home. Since the studios here are Mac-based, I don't have
>enough experience to make reliable suggestions. Any thoughts?

I think Cool Edit is still available for about $50 shareware. Check our

It isn't bad for $50 and, though I mostly use Sound Forge, their noise
reducer seems
much better -- at least easier to use -- than Sonic Foundry's. A nice
student package and
I think it will even handle four tracks (though I have only used two).

Another interesting program is nTrack. This is a simple multitrack recorder
in which each track becomes a separate .wav file (making it possible to
edit or add effects in Cool Edit or Sound Forge and put them back into
nTrack for mixdown.) This also is shareware, about $40 if I remember.
Check out Most modern Pentiums should be able to
handle 6-8 tracks with a fast enough hard drive. Some could probably
handle 16 or more.

Both programs together give the student a basic audio recording/processing
package for under $100. And they both are well supported and are updated
regularly. I recommend them to my own students who are trying to build a
home studio "on the cheap."

- Eric Somers

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